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Default Re: double motor size....whaaaaaa

Originally Posted by mattcossel29 View Post
Well, first off thats about 3 times the size of the original engine.

Second, why would you mess with 400 small block heads on a 350? You have to modify the heads so the steam ports line up. plus with a OE head off of a bigger engine the combustion chamber is usually bigger. This setup would without a doubt make you lose power. Why dont you just take the 305 heads and work them over, punch them out for 2.02/1.60 valves and you would have a higher flowing head with more compression.

The turbo 350 is a good transmission, I would rebuild it if it was salvageable. A lot of the early 700r4s were very questionable for reliability behind a stock motor. Plus with the 700r4 you have to fuck with the throttle valve cable and if those arent set properly you will burn up a transmission in a heart beat.

If this is just a street machine which it appears to be I would get rid of that single plane intake manifold and get a dual plane im. They tend to make a lot of torque down low and are a lot more street friendly if you are using a decent sized cam verses a single plane.

Just my opinion but then again idk anything about these old Chevys.

Oh, I do have a set of 350 heads that have been worked over and have a fresh valve job for sale if you need a good set.
I got the motor for free so I'm not complaining and my uncle (who build street rods) had this motor in one of his cars and its fresh so I'm happy with it and the 350 rand 700r4s have diffrent drive shaft sizes so we had to get one custom made so it would of be a waste to rebuild the 350th that's what i want to get back in it eventually how much for the heads and I know its almost triple the size but id rather have double the size the ALMOST triple the size

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i was just asking haha i tought they were bfffs (best fucking friends for ever)
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