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Default Re: Any CA18 parts?

Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post
Don't listen to this clown. Part's aren't expensive. They cost the same as it would to get SR parts which costs the same if not less then getting parts for a honda b series engine. It might take a little more searching because there aren't stores galore but there are some good sites which will have basically everything you need.

There are a lot more but just to show you 2 well known sites offer plenty of parts and as you can see the pricing is just as cheap as the SR pricing is.

If I were you I would pick up this motor as soon as you can, they don't stick around for very long when someone posts them for sale, especially if they have it listed for a good price. You don't want to miss out on your chance to get it. not a whole lot of performance choices aside from pistons same exact pistons for same exact price.

neither site has any comparable parts to compare cost, so that argument is quite invalid. a simple search on the site i posted came up with this leading to the point that you need to custom make most of the stuff for it or improvise (or McGuyver, as i like to call it) parts.


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