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Default Re: Any CA18 parts?

Originally Posted by The Laser View Post not a whole lot of performance choices aside from pistons same exact pistons for same exact price.

neither site has any comparable parts to compare cost, so that argument is quite invalid. a simple search on the site i posted came up with this leading to the point that you need to custom make most of the stuff for it or improvise (or McGuyver, as i like to call it) parts.
CP pistons, tomei springs, retainers, solid rockers, cams, gasket kits. Its not like you go to one site for everything.

Crower, Wiseco, K1, Supertech, Greddy, Tomei, ACL, and much much more all make internals for them.

You can get any aftermarket part you need for a CA18det easily here. Fuck Google search the part you want and it comes up right away, you can even hit the shopping tab and wala! Parts galore.

I don't know why you keep referring to the S12 forum site. The CA18det he's talking about came out of the 180sx S13

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