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Originally Posted by Dj Technick View Post
The lady is all about drifting and spending. Hell she bought me that BCL wing, the thing costs like $600+ after shipping! Now that's what I call wife material! She also just bought a 300zx that she plans to 1jz swap and drift in the coming seasons.

Yeah the tie rods are pretty hardcore. The ones I have now are pretty beafy and hold up just fine, only they wont be long enough. Also I still need to order the SPL outer tie rods, I just hope the combo is long enough. If not then I'll probably buy a different coupling nut that's longer which should do the trick. (technically I can do that now, but I don't like my outer tie rods, and these PBM inners should add some more steering angle)

These are the outers I still need to order.

Nice find. Women who share the same hobbies and goals as you is always good to have.


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