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WOW WOW WOW, ordered my Radiator and Hoses from their specials they are having. Just as I suspected Jeremy was dead on with both time and delivery.

I am truly impressed with their service and how everything went.......he came to my work, picked up cash, let me know roughly when it would be in (even though holiday was around the corner) and informed me the parts were in today. Told me he was stopping in at 4:15pm and well.........there he was at the exact time. VERY VERY VERY happy to have been able to do business with them and they in return have helped me push my project up on the scale!!!

I'm also glad I am discounting 5%-10% off my labor for anyone who buys from them and have the parts installed by us. It is a TRUE win win situation that I am glad to have for everyone on the forum......

JEREMY AND KC....Nothin but good things are heading your way fellas.

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come check us out..............
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