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I forgot I took these photos and uploaded them to my photobucket already. Here are some completed pics of the cage. The paint isn't anything special, it was primed and then sprayed with a paint matched rattle can. I didn't buy enough paint so it's really thin in some spots and you can see the primer. Not a big deal tho, just need to get another can and go to town on it.

Also I need to give a big thanks to Rodney for helping me out big time on Friday night. I had gotten the car back late on Thursday night and didn't have any time to work on it, so all I had was Friday to do the things I needed and Saturday morning as well. Rodney hit me up and let me come over to his shop on Friday night and gave me a hand with putting what interior that would fit back in, put on my new lower control arms, tension rods, rack eccentric spacers, remove the front swaybar (was hitting my oil pan and tires were rubbing at full lock) also did a "alignment" only adjusted the front toe using toe plates.

After several hours of work and being up until 1:30am I got everything finished on the car. The outcome was definitely worth it too. Added some serious angle and now my front wheels were rubbing on the frame rail. Luckly I bought some 17x7 since I was concerned I would run into this problem, went with a 205/40 BFG G-force tire. This luckly has enough clearance and took care of rubbing issues.

Note* I still have my 18x8.5 wheels on up front in these pics. My gold wheels are 18's and my gray ones are 17's for those of you wondering.

I found it really cool that at full lock you can see the lower control arms and tension rods.

Put the new harness in the car for the passenger side also. Now whenever someone rides along while drifting they can feel safe.

Saturday morning I woke up at 8 and went on a tire mounting mission. I only had 2 wheels that had tires mounted on them ready for sliding and I was concerned I would need more given I destroyed 4 tires at Proving Grounds. So I took a set of wheels and spare tires with me to get them mounted. I swear every tire shop that day had a thing against me. Everyone I went to said they were too busy to mount them and I needed them done by 1pm at the latest. Finally after going to several shops I found one that was able to do it for me. This set me back 3 hours and now it was 11 and I still needed to figure out how and where I was going to mount my fire extinguisher.

Thinking really hard I remembered seeing a photo in a magazine where someone had mounted one and I though was kind of neat. Formula D Pro/Am rules require a 5lb bottle, and there wasn't much of a good place to put it, but I found one.

It was 2:45 by the time I got around to getting the extinguisher mounted in the car, Not having enough time to mess around with properly measuring the mounting plate so it would be perfectly straight I eye balled a spot and got to drilling. I swear there was an angle watching me do this as I missed drilling into my frame rails by a half inch and also missed drilling into fuel/brake lines by a half inch as well. Anyway, here's where I put it.

You can't really tell by just looking at photos, but the seat actually clears it and can slide all the way forward, plus with it all the way back it's still out of the way of where you put your feet and isn't uncomfortable at all.

Again I would like to thank everyone that helped me out. Joe Rosenberg (street racer Joe) from 515 Customs for making such a beautiful and well designed cage, Rodney for lending me a hand at his shop, also my beautiful girlfriend Becca for helping me put everything together over the weekend.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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