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Default Transmission help

This may not make a whole lot of sense but I will explain as best I can. So I was on my way home from work tried shifting form first to second but it wouldn't go into second so I put it back into first released the clutch and the car died. Restarted the car tried to get going again but as soon as I completely let off the clutch the car dies. I fried the clutch trying to get off the street. I thought it would pop out of gear once I dropped the transmission to replace the clutch and fly wheel but it didn't. Here's the weird thing. I can sometimes shift through all the gears but it feels like the shifter locks up so I wiggle it and it pops free. Or it will shift into 2 gears or none at all. I've drained the fluid and didnt see any metal shavings. The car is a 97 civic ex with 157, XXX.I haven't opened the trans yet because I'm a noob when it comes to them. So any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you

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