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Default Re: 98 civic sedan d16y7 to b18a1 help first time

Originally Posted by H22APWRD94 View Post
If he is using an OBD2A to OBD1 ecu adapter harness, he can use a P75 to run it stock. He could also use a P05/P06/P28/P30/P72 ecu that is socketed and chipped for an LS basemap. I would try and locate an OBD2 LS distributor. It will make the plug and play easier, and limit the amount of wiring you need to do. Inexperience when it comes to distributor wiring can be a nightmare. More than once have I seen it lead to somebody selling a car, when all it needed was an experienced set of eyes and a half hour of time.
Shhh.... i am.waiting so.i can buy his car for cheap lol. Jk

Better off finding hydro trans. Find an obd2 ls intake manifold to make things easier.

Convert from 3plug iacv to 2 plug.
Then get obd2 distributor on it. Ls non vtec will mount up.
99 si back t bracket.
B series axles with matching trans axle.
Example... da axles calls for da trans axle. Dc with dc.
Da have male male ends on.both sides vs dc has female male on the axle on left side.

For the harness. Just use your stock harness and change out any necessary sensors so the plugs match with obd2 harness.

Next get a jumper harness for ecu. Obd2A to obd1. Use obd1 p75 or obd1 pr4 ls ecu. I would go with the pr4 obd1 ls.

Obd1 pr4 only came in the 92- 93 integras.

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