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Default Re: 90 Accord Header/Front Exhaust Pipe

Originally Posted by Human Collapse View Post
I don't trust ebay for many car parts. I bought a CAI for the Accord back in the day and it wasn't the right shape at all. They basically stole my money.

I haven't been out to any junk yards recently, but I plan on trying to make it out there this week possibly. I figured I'd just ask you guys first cuz you probably have one laying around that you don't want and I figured I could trust one of you more than I can trust a shady yard or impersonal ebay user.
You could've made a mistake and ordered for the wrong year possibly.

David (4DRLX) I think use to have one but sold it to JimB? I think? lol. I don't remember.

it's either you get one from ebay or an OEM one from the junk yard, but try to look for an F22A4 exhaust manifold, OR if you're baller get the Bisimoto Header......about 1300 dollars....which is getting delivered to my house tomorrow!

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