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Default Re: 90 Accord Header/Front Exhaust Pipe could wait until I get enough money to Jet coat my header and then install it you can have mine..but it won't be for sometime because it's probably going to cost me about 150 dollars to coat it and then get it installed.

here's the cheapest i've found for ebay header. about 60 bucks in all.

A lot of the guys have used this with no problems but then again ebay seller's products are either a hit or miss. if you do choose to go this route i'd suggest when mounting the down pipe there is a flange with the two holes to bolt the car don't bolt this down since it will crack the weld in that area.

and also are you on ? if not you should join! it's an Accord enthusiast site for all 90-93 Accord owners! you should sign up there and you will have tons of info on our cars.

my SN on there is : vietkid_2006 if you wanna find me.

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