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Default Re: 90 Accord Header/Front Exhaust Pipe

Originally Posted by Human Collapse View Post
Yeah...I'm not a retard. If I'm going to spend $120 on something online without seeing it, I'm going to make sure all the info is right. When I tried to put it on, the filter ended up where my passenger side headlight is.

$60 is CRAZY CHEAP. I feel like it would be made out of pop cans or something for that price. $1300 is retardedly expensive for a header. I guess the thing is about half of the exhaust system, but still ridiculous. Thats like buying a great header AND a turbo manifold...
Lol. yes it just all comes down to the quality of the material.

My header i got for half price because of a group buy. soo about 700 dollars. which isn't neccesarily bad knowing that it makes somewhat decent power...

Here's some info on one of the header's that where dyno'd on a stock Accord.

211,046 miles
87 octane
F22A1 engine
15.5 ft/lbs at 1560rpms

26.9whp at 6012 rpms <-------

8.5whp at 5000-5200rpms
12.2 ft/lbs at 2700rpms
Complete bolt on, un-tuned, to stock Catalytic converter

Making that much power with it just bolted on is massive power! now if you have it tuned, full exhaust, camshaft, cams it'll make good numbers.

and if you go on further with internals. ohhh it's a beast.

This is a video of Bisimoto's internals with ITB's 8k redline. and he's getting the header also. just think of the power....

not to say also that Bisimoto has the fastest FWD N/A Honda in the world making 400+WHP.

F has lots of potential. Okay now i'm just babbling on lol. i'm sure you like your TC more then the Accord

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