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Default Re: 90 Accord Header/Front Exhaust Pipe

Originally Posted by Human Collapse View Post
Yes I do. It will run with VTEC Preludes, bone stock, is loaded with features, and is just plain good looking. It also weighs less than the CB7. I'm not completely knocking CB7s, because I still like them, but I know I am partial to my tC, yeah.

My Accord is a total rusty POS. I just want it to last me another winter or two. I loved it back in the day. It was the first car I CHOSE to buy rather than needing it by necessity. I'm going into the 7th year of owning it and I've beat the shit out of it...

I'd really like to see proof of a 400+HP N/A F22A. I have a hard time believing that THAT motor could make almost 4x its factory stock HP... Turbo'd I can definitely see, but not N/A.
You got to realize that Preludes are heavy, your TC not so much.

Unbelievable? believe it.

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