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Ques still throwing my iacv code need help....

still throwing iacv code for my 98 civic dont know whats wrong with it i did a manual swap last januarary and it went fine everything is manual except for the wiring harness other then that everything that needed to be swaped was swaped... i have no clue whats wrong with it we even converted the three wire on the harness to a two wire to make it work still doesnt work we cleaned the iacv which was a little dirty but we dowsed that bitch with brake clean i dont know if its the iacv itself that is bad or if its the wiring harness idk i want to trouble shoot the problem by using someone elses iacv but no one has one in davenport of course and i cant just go changing harnesses out the fly if anyone can help please help or if u have exprecined this problem let me know everything is done right and for some odd reason it idles at 1000 fine then when in neatrual or in any gear if i rev it between 2000 and 2200 it goes in like a limp mode and bounces back and forth but i can rev past it just fine but if i hold it there it will continue to do it im clueless i have no idea what to do its the last check engine light on my car i just want it all fixed.... somone please help greatly apreciatted...i bleive the code is p1508 i believe but i can recheck that please help.... someone


~ Nick Luna
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