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Default Re: still throwing my iacv code need help....

Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post
Apparently because everything I've said so far has been correct I am "cluttering" the site. People saying stupid stuff and stating incorrect info are the ones that clutter shit and confuse people. Not to mention all the retarded shit you guys say on top of that.

If you only did the plug side of the wiring to convert it to 2 wire you're not done yet. There is some wiring to be done on the ECU plug as well. This would be why your problem still exists.

Here's your solution. You'll simply need to take care of two wires on your ECU. First one will be moving the A14 wire to the A12 position. Then you'll want to remove the A13 wire and put it aside. Here's some images to help you out with that.

Solid work. Exactly what I figure has not been done.

P.S. I agree with the trans fluid thought as well. Either very old fluid or the wrong fluid.

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