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Default Re: skunk2 shocks on a civic 95?

Originally Posted by crxh22honda View Post
Will do when I get them in. My ordered got cancelled cause they where put of stock. Have you ever heard anything about this. Koni red special d ?
No could try ordering from JBautosports if you want them quicker and they can price match. Call them up and see what they can do for you.
As for the koni reds, yes they were developed in the same way as tokico shocks with their blue and white. Tokico did the white illuminas for high performance apps and then they did an entry level for those that wanted something above the oem but were keeping the stock springs. Koni went the same route and had the reds be a step above stock. They were geared more towards comfort while the yellows were the high performance which could be used with stock springs, coilovers or lowering springs and the shocks had the adjustable valves as well. I may need to look and see if the reds had any adjustability since its been awhile I've seen them or heard of them.

Much like the tokico blues though they will get trashed once you lower the vehicle and subject them to the wonderful roads around here.

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