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Default Re: skunk2 shocks on a civic 95?

So I got it done. The bushings where easy to put in. The rear shock "bolt" was already broken inside to. They thought.they could take all thread n put nuts on each side n call it good. Im gonna guess they didn't know that bolts have a grade. The ride is not bounce not to stiff. But moves just a little for each bump. I would consider it -A. I took it threw some turns this morning didn't get to crazy just a semi test.(the tire size 185 65. 14 so ya lol) it felt soild like I could really push it n the suspension would do quite well. I could feel the tires tho rolling on to the side walls a little bit. So far I like them I took some pics of basically what not to do. It was kinda getting dark so I didn't get a good of pic on the struts.

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