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Default Re: over size valves? are they a good idea or should i just leave them alone

I thought I told you to ask me these sort of things so you don't have to spend days doing research. Although I guess it's not so bad that you post about it because Rosko has a much better way of explaining things then I do. And he's got a lot more knowledge then I do.

Anyhoo, keep the stock sized valves. You have many more reasons to keep it stock then to go bigger. Here's a few pros and cons for ya to look at. Hopefully this will make you see you should just keep it with the stock sized valves.

Reasons to keep your stock valve size- You already bought valves so if you bought different ones you just wasted money. You'll feel a lot more comfortable with your motor if you keep the ones you have. Over sized valves don't add as much power as you wish they would.

If you went oversized here would be things that you should expect.- You're valves would be ridiculously close to each other, about a fingernails thickness (of course depending on your cam size, valve size, and who did the timing set up on it.) with them being that close just a small amount of slack in your timing belt could cause them to hit. Just think about how easily your alternator belt tends to flip over on you. Another thing to think about is how strong your valve springs are, not strong enough could cause a small enough amount of valve float to cause them to hit. If you went oversized you would always have that fear and thought in the back of your head that at any given moment your motor could spontaneously blow and all that money you just spent would go right into the shitter.

This is also your first personal motor build that you've ever done, you haven't really gone that far in depth of building it. Yes you know all the parts necessary and you've done all the research to determine what parts are the best to go with for what you want. But have you ever looked at how dangerously close your valves come to touching each other? Just the littlest mistake is all it takes. Setting your cam pulleys off by 1 degree and it's over. They could potentially hit the first time trying to start the car and it would be over before it ever began.

I guess the best piece of advise I have for you is this. You're building a street car, so keep it a street car. You're going to drive this car everyday, so build it for that everyday purpose. You don't need to squeeze every small bit of power that you can out of this.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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