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Originally Posted by mike03 View Post
The photo bucket app has a horrible review :/ are there any other out there?
I'd prefer the computer version way better!
I use the photobucket app with my phone and it works great. Majority of my photos in my build thread were posted using the photobucket app on my phone. Also throughout the build I've had 2 different phones that I've used the first one an old HTC the second being the Galaxy S3. Neither one I've had a problem with photobucket. I see you have the iphone tho, but I couldn't imagine it being a problem for you.

Other then doing it that way you might see if there is a different app you can use for different image hosting sites. I bet instigram would work as long as you used the direct link for the image (never been on that site, hate it with a passion so know nothing about it or what it looks like). I know facebook photos will work, but like I've said you need to use the direct link url.

Last option is to plug your phone into your computer and transfer the images to your computer and go about it that way.

Give me a little bit and I can get some photo examples posted on here. I'm not using an iphone so mine will probably differ from yours a tad.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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