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Sorry about the wait. I'm at work doing this so I have to do it when I catch small breaks in work.

So here's the run down. This is being done on a Galaxy S3 so it'll be the steps for doing this with an android phone. Also I am using Photobucket as my image hosting site. I would assume iphones are going to be incredibly close to being the same. Also for future reference with the non stop updates going on with phones I wouldn't doubt it if this becomes outdated within a year and is completely different.

Things needed. A phone with internet, Photobucket app, and of course a photo of your choice.

To start. Here's the image on my phone that I'm going to show how to upload.

There are two ways to go about uploading this to Photobucket. First I will show how to do it from your pictures when looking at your photo gallery.

As I'm sure you can figure out, find the image first. From there when you tap on the screen it'll have your options on what you can do with the photo. Hit the share icon (highlighted in red), and follow up by selecting photobucket (highlighted in green). IF photobucket is not showing as an option click the "see all" option and find photobucket, you will most likely have to do this the first time you do it this way.

This will upload your photo direct to your photobucket account that you have setup. You'll have access to this photo via your phone, computer, or whatever else you are able to access photobucket with.

Moving on, here is the second way to go about uploading your image to photobucket. You can go into the photobucket app and this screen will pop up. Start by tapping the upload tab (highlighted in red) then tap "upload image" (highlighted in green).

After doing that all of your photos on your phone will appear. This will consist of all photos you've taken with your camera, screen shots, downloaded images, ect. They will be ordered by most recent image first. Now if you just took the photo it'll be right there on the top left. If its an older one you may need to scroll down. The page will only scroll a short ways and from there you will need to tap the next button. Find your photo and tap it. This will make a green checkmark. (highlighted in red) once you've selected your image or multiple images tap the done button (highlighted in green).

This will bring you to the uploads tab and show you the progress of your upload. Once completed its on your album and ready to go.

Now that I've shown both ways to upload a photo I'm going to move on to how to post the photo on jdmcity.

Start by tapping the Albums tab (highlighted in red). Find your photo that you just uploaded (again ordered by most recent uploads) and tap it (my photo of choice highlighted in green).

Now it'll view your image. Tap the screen all you want it doesn't do anything. There are arrows at the bottom you can use to scroll left or right between images. Now what you will need to do when viewing your image is press your "menu" button on your phone. This will bring up 6 options of things you can do with your photo. Tap the "view links" option (highlighted in red.)

Once you have done that, it'll bring up you link options. As shown previously in this thread you will need to use the [IMG] link (highlighted in red). This will auto copy the link for you.

Once done with that you can look at my posting above on what to do with it. You simply paste it in the text box when writing a reply. For those of you that don't know how to paste with a phone, all you do is hold down in a text field for a few seconds then it'll give you an option to paste. And you're done.


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