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Default Re: PS4 vs. XBOX One

Originally Posted by luis31 View Post
I never said the kinect and TV series was a bad thing. I said it was more gimmicky junk that they keep trying to push on ppl. Some ppl like that. Most hardcore gamers won't. I guess I just don't consider someone a hardcore gamer when all they care about is one game.

Technology fails. Yes. But the failure rate was pretty assenine. It can't even b compared to the ps3.

The ps3/ps4 are blessed with exclusives. I mean just look at naughty dog killing it with last of us.

As far as controller. Goes my main gripe was the domed sticks. But that's fixed.
Exactly I had a day one ps3 and it lasted 6 years. I went threw 4 original 360's. Also Let's not forget how micro$oft wanted to screw its customers by having mandatory 24hr internet check ups to play games and its stupid restrictions on physical disc games. And the only reason they changed those policies less than week after they anounced them was because ps4s are being preordered 4-1 over the xbone.

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