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Quote Re: d16z6 cranking but wont turn over

91 ef sedan with d16z6 swap running on a p28 I think. I got this car off jdm James last year and one of the dudes on here had it before him and he did the swap. One of the owners of j&s.

The engine bay and all the wiring is a nightmare. The car ran perfect from day one. Not a single problem. Drove for a year and hit a deer going 75. Right when I hit the deer my engine started to bog out. Had problems with it since. Won't start. Bogging out when givng it gas.

New alternator, battery, dizzy, spark plugs and spark Plug wires.

Sometimes we had to take an air gun and blow into the intake while staring the car to get it to start. Weird.

Got the car running right and sold it for 1000. Got the ek coup and had it for a month then a kid hits me, totaled. Went to buy the ef back and the kid pulled the dizzy off and clames he lost the bolts. I got the car back for 700 and here we are.

Towed to a friends house last night...aka such a bitch to put on a trailer. I would put up picks but idk how from a Phone. Is there an app for img codes?

Anyways. Changing drum brake pads on friends jeep and then will be able to get into the garage and see what's going on. Thanks

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