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Default 1998 civic coupe WTT!

Name: dat192 aka Avery
Location: des Moines Iowa
Contact: pm or comment for now

Will post lots of pics after work but heres the scoop.

Up for trade is my civic coupe shell, has manual rack, and manual windows.

Will come with stock d series mounts and t bracket, and I think I still have the harness and ecu when it was a d series as well. Comes on stock struts, and with exhaust.

Body has dings here and there but 0 rust! Does not have a cluster in it, and will not have fenders, and bumper. The rear end is 99 converted and still have the bumper in plastic.

Windshield is cracked as well. Really looking for a ek hatch back. If you have one I'll will not be needing the pieces that I listed are kissing from mine so you could just keep them. Must be rust free as well.

Will post more info and pics after work in a few hours.


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