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Default Re: GSR Build! Need advice..

this thread is funny.

OP, don't let them get to you.
yes you sound like a complete noob who's clueless but then agin most of us started in your shoes, and people forget that.

I'll be very general with you..... if you have questions ask and I'll try to answer as best I can or if i feel lazy just link you to a tech tread with good info.

1) NA or FI in FWD honda it's gonna cost about the same (no sacrafice in reliablity & poor quality parts) $4-5K in the engie/tranny and ems alone.

2) "fast" is subjective.
IMHO, NA honda should be +230whp & 150tq or very close to it.
If your in the 2100-2300lbs range chassis it's plenty quick to get you in trouble & fend off several types of "sporty" cars.
IMHO, boosted honda should be in the +400whp.
Honestly anything less if fine, but other car guys (domestic, srt, dsm, sti) many get cocky, talk shit, look down on your, not take you serious.

3) When people give you their opinion, don't loose sight that at the end of the day, it's your money..... build it for you & not anyone else.
Google as many picturs of integras as you can find, look through the "group" photo thread on h-tech ect. Also look at the dyno charts on some of the bigger "dyno" threads. If you see a part you like, have questions about a particular setup or powerband PM the owner and have a conversation. Find out what you like/dont like & then go shoping.



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