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Default Re: GSR Build! Need advice..

Originally Posted by dat192 View Post
Then you probly one of few who are staying with whatever the 420 is. Most the ones I see are awd.

I love seeing a oldustang all primered up and with a 5 speed doing damage to a sponsored car that looks real nice but then I also like seeing cars that the person has obviously spent lots of time to make it there way. Ever heard of a thing called a SHOW CAR? And Bobby I do like you car i also hate how high it sits but I'm one of those guys who likes lowered cars but still I can respect the time and effort put into making it how you want it..

As for the guy who owns this thread Id also say get a nice header, intake, chipped ecu, then later get cams, go boost or whatever you feel like doing I'm no bully on that hah.
Part of the reason his car sits so high is for ground clearance and axle angle for the H22. Keeps from breaking stuff when you make power.

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