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Default Re: Best h22 suspension setup

Originally Posted by integrals View Post
hey guys i'm just wondering whats the best daily driving suspension set up for a ek with h22 swap i got kyp struts cant remember the spring right now but its pretty bouncey and i drive it quite a bit and was wondering if theres any better set up that will make it a little smoother ridin thanks

The word "best" is subjective to each person, so you'll get mixed answers.

keep in mind stock spring rates are 100lbs for civic & integras
IIRC itr are like 140lbs

I'd say if you want anything something to handle better,
properly selected spring RATES make more of a difference than shocks. (to a extent)

The first thing you have to do if find out what spring rates you have on the car.
If they are no-name brand, chances are they are poorly made and super stiff.

IMHO mild street springs should have spring rates between 175-240lbs .
This is about double the stiffness of OEM springs!

These will not blow out your shocks as long as they are in decent condition.
If your stock shocks go out they would of gone out anyways so don't blame the springs.

These would be stiff enough for most people.
When you combine "stiffer" springs which also "lower" ride height the combo will make the car handle noticeably better.

you can't just lower it with same spring rates and expect to have it corner better w/out it being boucny all over the road

you can't just stiffen the springs with same right high and not expect it to have more roll.

If your on a budget I've always reccomended eibach springs because their coils are "progressive" spring rates which means they are different spring pressure at the top of the spring coils compared to the bottom. This technology is spring design aides in helping with damping which is ideally what the shock is suppose to do.

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