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Default Re: Build advice b16

Originally Posted by crxh22honda View Post
Rlz will be doing mine. Getting ahold of RLZ is a bitch! If you wanna get ahold of them get on honda-tech pm them. I called there number 20 times never picked up once and that was over 2 weeks of time.
I never understood why people still put up with crappy service.
Get your money back and send it to a company who knows how to take care of their customers.

Originally Posted by crxh22honda View Post
They also dont have tq plates for boring Honda's. So why if they dont see many honda motors take it to them?just for assembly? No thanks ll bring it to someone who sees honda motors frequently.
Remember what i told you last time about torque plates.
They are not "absolute".
It's not practical to expect a machine shop to have a torque plate made for every engine they are going to hone. Deck plates are about $180. It's a good investment only if you do a lot of the same motor FOR performance oriented customers.

There's not a lot of honda guys in IA let alone "performance hondas" so don't count on any machine shops having a torque plate inhouse for any import engines (honda/dsm ect).

Stock rebuilds or mild setup, all you need is a knowledable machinist and he'll make sure everythings honed out to acceptable specs.

Also just because a shop doesn't work with many hondas, you cannot rule them out.
A engine builder and machinist who knows what they are doing will know what to do even if they haven't built many of 1 type of motor.

Moving on.
OP.... don't give up on the b16 so quickly pal.
If you want tq, don't look into any NA honda..... throw a turbo on there pal.

But a crx with b16 tranny, you don't need much tq to get going anways 110-120tq is plenty fine, you just gotta keep the rpms up there a little higher but it's what the b16 loves to do anyways. lol


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