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Originally Posted by h22apwrd94 View Post
The B20A series and B21A series in the 88-91 3rd gen preludes are almost an F series motor. They tilt back like an F and H series, with the starter on the forward part of the tranny like the F and H. They even have balance shafts like an F and H. Basically like the man with the blue 3rd gen said, put an H in it or keep it stock. The B series answers mean zilch. It is near impossible.

well put. if your are truly serious about staying with OUR b-series, certain things like h23 rods can be machined to fit, and b18x tb and tintake manifold can be made to fit as well, i'm unsure of which one tho, guy named motoxxxman did it. just gotta search around, everything you could ever want to know about our cars is there.

Originally Posted by boosted712 View Post
go with a b20 hella fast man i got a jdm b20b in my car on 5 psi and talk about lots of low end power
b20a =/= b20b in the slightest....



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