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Default Re: d16z6 cranking but wont turn over

Originally Posted by junkyard View Post
Main relay looks clean. Prong 4 was a little corroded and I cleaned it off. Everything else looked normal internally. There was some darker stuff almost looked like dried up oil or sap. I though maybe it burnt up a connection but after I cleaned that stuff up everything looked fine. I'm getting fuel. I can smell it. I might order another one and throw it in. See what happens. I'm in no hurry.

so have you heard the main relay click tho? i can't remember if it clicks 2 or three times. one when you turn the key to the on position, two after the fuel pump is primed, an the third i can't remember. you can smell the fuel where? in all four cylinders? or can you just smell it? do you have all your injector clips plugged in tight? and in the right spots?

just dont over look things. it could be another problem but you will be pissed if you went right by it.

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