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Default Re: t70 or hx35 ????????????

Originally Posted by E-FAB View Post
what comp are the pistons?? what rods what cams any head work ?? to tell you the truth 500hp on the b20 sleeve is a time bomb ive tuned plenty of stock sleeved hondas im just giving my input if i where you i would aim more around 400hp and if no head work its going to take some boost to get there im just thinking of making the engine last longer but up to you if you want to push it. but when your ready bring it down to centralimports and i can tune it on neptune for a small fee extra
Exactly what Eric said regarding the B20 sleeves. The block is just not as stout as the smaller bore B18 blocks. Just in the past year alone, I know of 3 stock sleeve B18's that Eric has put over 500whp. 1 on E70, the other two on 110. I know I would not have tried to make 500 on a stock sleeve B20 in my current setup. That is just too close to the ragged edge if the block has any sort of fatigue.

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