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Originally Posted by Human Collapse View Post
Yep, these things weigh about 3000lbs. I have a rusty 5 spd coupe myself.

One of my friends in high school had a 92 auto coupe that he turbo'd and he blew it up after only a couple of weeks. I've heard that the F22 doesn't hold boost as well as the H22. I know its all in how you build it and how you use it too though...
Sorry but you are misinformed. your friend that installed the turbo must've not tuned the ECU since the auto Accords are hard to tune on an Auto, hence the blown motor.

F22's can hold more boost then the H22 can because the H22 is a high compression motor and the F22 is a low compression motor so the F22 can hold a lot more boost then the H22 can.

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