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Originally Posted by rsxtyper
ok, now i'm having second thougths about going with tein...I want a nice drop like 1 1/2''-2'' drop but with good ride quality...I have heard so many different suggestions I really don't know what to get...the koni shocks sound nice and I need to know how much of a deal I can get the buddy club n+'s for?
well it sounds like you should get tein s-techs, with koni's i think that would be perfect for you! because any lower than a 2 inch drop you would want something like a full coilover suspension, but since you said 1 1/2 - 2 inches you would just be wastin your money to buy something so expensive, and not use it to its full potential. im willing to part out my koni's for $500 delivered by me to your door step, plus if you dont like the drop on the s-techs, you can set the koni's to its lowest perch which sets the spring on the shock lower. its up to you, pm me with details, then ill give you some more information.

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