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Default Re: Car seat fix??

Originally Posted by iMaTThew515 View Post
Bringing this thread back to life I've been reading up alot on repairing/reupholstering my own seats. If you flip the seat over you'll see the only thing holding the cloth to the seats are rings (hog rings) and depending on the seats some heavy duty Velcro. All you would really need to do was get new hog rings and some hog ring pliers before you start ripping your cloth off

like i said just some stuff i've been reading up on haven't started on my seats yet but im hopping to get a couple slits sowed up here soon

**im not a professional upholster so don't take my word on a good outcome or not**

Yea, I've seen in how to videos on YouTube and other sites. Looks fairly easy just the stitching part looks a bit hard

Wouldn't mind leaning though, looks very interesting to do

maybe a good start would be a beat up seat I'd say, that way you wont have to mess with any of your own things


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