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Default Re: K-series engine info

Originally Posted by eirEP3 View Post
he is really talking about alot of motors. which part were you refering to?

I am actually talking about the 06 K24 TSX motor(6spd). The euro accord motor might be the same as well.. .

Most all motor swap mounts accept only K20 tranny bell housings. Basically all but some have built some custom mounts and I haven't really kept up with the swaps for a while.

You can take K24 6spd tranny internals and put them into a K20a/a2/z/a3 case as well. Must match speed sensors design I think though otherwise you'll possibly be buying a new speedo gear/sensor setup.

Actually all 06+ Civic Si's in the US come with "DRIVE_BY_WIRE" throttle

This DBW system is a biatch! One of the reasons why you don't see 06+ Si's running crazy camshaft setups. Another is that they went with a MAF setup. Some people have figured out how to mod the system and switch back to cable though. This DBW has greatly effected tunning as well. K-pro is taking forever to come out with a Standalone ECU for it (as well as others). Interesting b/c 350zs have DBW and they have aftermarket piggyback and Standalone Support.. .

I think hytech has a cam and header and tuning package for the 06+ Si's

Here is a good article that lightly hits on the pains of the 06+ Si. MAF RUBBISH!

you are welcome

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