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Default Re: mods for a 2000 audi a4?

lots of gains can be seen with bolt ons.

A tune is def your best bang for your buck.. apr is nice. Also check out unitronics or gonzo. With a new tune you'll also need a better diverter valve.

check out mjmautoaus for lots of parts priced decently.

Originally Posted by reggie92 View Post
chip i would go with apr but be care full the stock turbo ko3 is a weak turbo and your seals will go bad its not an if this the will lol but other than that I would go with a ko4 turbo new fuel system and an intercooler and you can make some good power but the chip will get you your best bang for buck

The ko3/ ko3s is a small turbo yes, but not weak. It can handle a pretty agressive tune pushing about 20psi for a long time. Also you can't just swap out for any ko4, if you choose to do this, specifically you will need a ko4-001. Unless going from a ko3-k04 it's not worth it... unless 6-800$ for 15whp gain makes sense. For that kinda money you should just do a bigger setup.. a gt3076r is reasonably priced, much bigger and retains quick spool time which is lovely about the ko/3/3s/4

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