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Default Re: would this work 2 tune on my del sol

Originally Posted by deadmoans View Post
i thought this was E-manage. if it's a piggyback i couldn't agree more, dump it. for that matter i would never run E-manage over hondata.

from an earlier post, he already has hondata S300. so why mess with greddy?
The one he posted is referred to as e-manage blue. It's also a piggy back just like ultimate. It's said that blue is the better version however its still practically the same. The one he has posted is as similar to ultimate as what Kpro is to Smanager.

Anyhoo, like crxh22 said he's got a socketed p28 for sale and is only asking 150. That sounds like something you should be looking at.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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