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Originally Posted by dalawoi View Post
i know im probably asking a bunch of noob questions.. but over the next few years i want to get into this. I'll make as many of these as possible and test out my skills with my bone stock hatch.
They aren't noob questions if you are trying to learn more about things. Asking the question is not the stupidity, its not asking it that is stupid. Bottom line on everything being talked about here is that you don't need huge amounts of money to learn these skills.
Schools are everywhere in the U.S. but unfortunately not here in iowa. Does that mean you are screwed, NO, it just means you have to figure out a different way to learn. Best way is the way Gabe, Prez and the other guys are learning. The biggest thing to remember is that you absolutely cannot go into these events thinking you are the "biggest bad ass in the world". That title will always get you nowhere fast. You have to put all your thoughts aside and take in every little thing everyone says....whether good or bad....or as we call it (constructive criticisms).
Chunky said the one thing I believe in the most..............the first mod for your car IS YOU!! Everyones pricing break up is just the small end of this part of racing. This hobby will get far more expensive when you REALLY start buying the parts that are constantly in use.
I can only wish I could get Anthony (the guy i mentioned before for SCCA) in here to explain the break down of this. This all has to be in your blood and you must be willing to spend A LOT of time invested into it and absolute determination. It absolutely sucks to not have the resources that most other states have when it comes down to ANY kind of racing. This is the reason why these guys are trying to get the events motivate and stimulate more people into getting involved. They want to make sure that all those "high dollar" parts you are buying just to drive around can get used. They are also trying to show people how to REALLY drive a car and know what their limits and the cars limits are.

All in all dalawoi, you gotta start small to be up there in the big leagues..............and always remember something that even my wife reminds me"You can't have it all".

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