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Originally Posted by dalawoi View Post
you forgot the all important ending...... HAVE SOME FUCKING FUN

I look forward to seeing the cars at the booth at the world of wheels show! And all the autox I can attend. Ill start out in my civic until my teggy is up and running. Which this is just more motivation to get it there really! Then its the fun part building your car!

Either people have the passion for cars or they dont its as simple as that. Some people play the game and get out. But me racing anything with wheels and a motor has been all I could talk about since i've discovered Nascar, Lemans, dirtbikes, indy, and grand am series. that was when i was like 6. Never had the money till now when i got my own job The people that quit call it a hobby. the ppl who stick with it calls cars a lifestyle i'll always be around cars no matter what!
i say built the suspension before the motor, hp helps but in small 'track' like auto-x: suspension and most importantly tires will drop your time more than hp. but this year just go out race your stock car and upgrade slowly so you know what part works and what doesnt. its actually best way to learn!

gabe auto-x for several years before he even did a swap. his sohc was still beating alot cars in his class. its driver skills and suspension/tires help the most, hp is just bonus. track is so short most places you wont even reach 60-70mph lol


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