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Originally Posted by XcreatonX View Post
That would be him. Said track prep sucked and was missing up top so he had to lower the boost.
What turbo does he run? 2.0? the thing seemed to lose spool in between shifts and take forever to spool back up. but when it did it ripped like a beast.

I thought the prep was awesome. Felt like I was going to rip the axels out of my evo but I also ran 245 nitto nt555's that have 500mi on them. I think your friend might need some better wheels/tires. Think those 2g wheels are like 17x6.5 or 7

In addition, there was a GG evo 9 mr there running 14ís haha. I wonder how you can fuck up a evo so badly that it runs that time. OR he was a very bad driver.

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