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Originally Posted by TheMaster View Post
Added Tokens to the list. I think I might drive by there sometime within a week to verify it'll be a low car friendly spot.

Next thing I would like to bring up is how would everyone like this to go? I was thinking meet up at a spot for 45 minutes to an hour and a half, then cruise to the next spot where we will finish up the meet hanging out for 3hours or more. This way it gives people the option of opting out on the cruise portion if they please. The reason I would like to keep it limited to 2 locations is so we can see how well cruising works. If it proves successful then for the next one (if there is a next one) we can plan for more locations.
If you haven't driven by yet I wouldn't bother. We met there one night to go street racing. All the entrances have huge chunks of cement missing or there are sharp inclines. Definitely not lowered friendly lol. Everyone was bitching up a storm when we left.


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"Theologicly" it could just be roll race envy......
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