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Default Re: Official B.S. Thread( Enter at your own risk! )

@ the guy with the sn2. Ask nick D. They work great if you don't believe me.I just got some on my friends rsx 05. I drive the car almost every day. Its super smooth. A tiny bit more road noise. The side walls are softer than a performance. Summer tire yes. But right around the same as your all seasons. An there are reason for these. These tires are ment to be in snow. Dry weather isn't the best for them. If the temps are above 40 degrees you are doing harm to them. They suggest that you don't drive on the highway to much with else cause they wear out with the higher heat. An also when they are hot they bead up its harder for them to stop. But this is the same with all WINTER tires. I've had bizzaks. I had the same amount of traction with them. N they lasted just a tiny bit longer. I would say not worth the extra money. The sn2 is a good tire. With all that beening said I've been up to 80-85mph on these tires not one vibration not one real worry. Lane changes are the same if your not jerky about it. Yea you can't turn into a corner at high speeds with out it washing out quite a bit just like a all season. Ill get these tires again an again. But when you only rock them in the right temperatures they will last you many years.

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