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Default Re: GSR Build! Need advice..

OP, I was serious with my first post, sorry that it somehow strayed off in an argument and a butt hurt kid.

To get back on subject, it's true. Just need to lower it, hell you can put it on ebay springs and stock struts kids only care about how low it goes not how nice it rides. Next you need wheels, they gotta fit as flush as possible too. From there get a Type R front and a Mugen wing, and lastly if you wanna be big time baller, get some bright red or yellow Racaro seats and a type r shift knob. Then bam! Anywhere you go you'll be giving kids boners and droppin bitches panties.

I shit you not either, just do that and you'll get more attention then a fully built and race prepped Lotus. Supra owners will be nobodies. Skylines??? Yeah that's right, they will be nothing compared to your sweet mad JDM looking integra. I fucking mean it too, 100% dead fucking serious with everything I just said.

I don't know what happened or what went wrong over these last 5 years, but apparently you don't have to do anything to your motor anymore, shit you can even keep that stock air box and manifold if you want, just so long as your valve cover is red.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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