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Default Re: have a problem with prelude

Originally Posted by eg_si View Post
believe he changed injectors, dizzy, map sensor, swapped a few ecu's. its cranks up fine. just goes down slowly. drives fine, but then once you take it out of gear it dies. he works on hondas alot. just seems to be stuck. asked me to ask around.
As for the changed parts, were they changed to new oem or aftermarket, what ECU is on it currently. I guess what I'm trying to ask is why did he need to switch all those parts.....was it a maintanace deal or was he trying to get more power etc?
Sorry, I feel as stuck as he does....LOL Just trying to ask the right questions to hopefully guide you in the right direction. Pretty sure someone will eventually give even more insight on what might be the problem!! I'll try my best to figure it out from here though!!


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