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Default Re: New things for 2013!

Originally Posted by dalawoi View Post
Make it so comments on the for sale section dont bump up your post count. And put all new members on a 30 day probationary period from posting in for sale. Should keep the for sale section less cluttered and less random bumps. Its worked on dsmtuners. Even tho you cant even comment on there for sale sections. Just an idea should weed out the people that just bump 25 2 year old posts in 2 hours to post there vehicle for sale in the wrong section.
Add in a post count as well, like tuners. There's also something that rx7 club did that helps bump your post count that requires reading all the terms and rules and posting "read" in it. They've been able to keep track of multiple posts for the most part and makes the rules a required reading. Then if they fuck up, it's kinda like a second signature of agreement that mods can look at and throw it in their face and call their BS.


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Default Re: New things for 2013!

Well dsmtuners deletes useless posts as well. But the post count limit while on probation would help


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Default Re: New things for 2013!

I don't know if the software that runs JDMCITY is capable of having it but what about a chat box? That hosts everyone so if your looking for someone on or something you can chat them or tag them in a chat to get there attention or just have general bs convos? it would make the site more appealing to some people especially because most people know each other on here and it would help people get to know everyone else a little better

Just to clarify not an individual chat box but one that everyone can see the convos and can join in?

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