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Charlie Moua
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Default JordanTuned - Y8 JRsupercharged

Last Friday night Joe Morse came up from Austin MN to have his civic tune on the same day as Matt's GSR turbo.

He contact me a few months back about his setup and although I'm not a fan of SC on hondas (not as efficent as SC on other cars like V8), he picked up the JSRC kit for a cheap so we worked with what we had.

  • 500 miles on rebuild OEM block
  • Blox cam with valvepsrings & retainers
  • Compeition Stage 4 clutch
  • JRSC with 8.5psi pulley
  • Megan Racing header
  • Test pipe + 2.5" exhaust
  • Prelude 310cc peak hold injectors (stock fuel pump)
  • P28 + crome
  • ..... vis vented hood

After a few pulls jordan notice IAT sensor wasn't reading.
We found this... and we replaced it with another one. This time we wired it properly for more accurate reading.

Overall for a $500 setup, I'm glad Joe put up some pretty decent numbers.
One thing I did caution him on is the IAT were pretty high ranging from 170-188F.

I'm not sure if he will switch to e85 or not.
My advice is to do it, not to make more power but mainly for cheap assurace from hot days and spirited driving if you don't let the manifold cool down properly.

Charlie Moua

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Default Re: JordanTuned - Y8 JRsupercharged

How was this a $500 dollar set up? The super charger is worth 900-1500. Cam an valve springs a few hundreds, exhaust another few hundreds,rebuild another few hundred, chipped ecu, header a hundred, clutch a few hundred, injectors $50. I've wanted to do this build to my civic DD/autocross but its not as cheap as it sounds.

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Default Re: JordanTuned - Y8 JRsupercharged

is that my old supercharger? if so im glad to see it put to good use.


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Default Re: JordanTuned - Y8 JRsupercharged

he got the superchanger for some guy in the cities

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Default Re: JordanTuned - Y8 JRsupercharged

my car lol and is your name eng?

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