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Default Help Check engine light

I got a 98 civic sedan and I have a check engine light on the code is P0302

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Default Re: Help Check engine light

Originally Posted by Bukchino View Post
I got a 98 civic sedan and I have a check engine light on the code is P0302
Let's start with the first one....p0300 is random misfire which most people would get if at some point the ecu caught something that would be worth looking into in the ignition system. The code tells you just that it is a random misfire.....the rest is for you to look into. Now when the code reads P0301,302,303,or 304 then those are specific to each cylinder. So your code is pertaining to cylinder 2 which can be related to a few things such as spark plug, spark plug wire, something on the cap, wiring on injector or injector itself.....just need to look into the issue and let us know

hope that is what you needed.......if you need more info then we need to know what all got the issue started, if it feels sluggish, etc etc

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