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Default My brain hurts from each of these words

Also forgot to mention the bit where Melvin's parents did not need to see their son humiliated so they talked to Animal Crossing Bells their buddy at the country club that runs Robingoods, the shipping service which delivers people their Nintendo's.

The parents in the country club compelled Robingoods to stop delivery to Kevin and his pals. Which they did but soon realised it's prohibited to mess with folks mail, so they began delivering again but they left them send the Nintendo's into Kevin and his buddies by cart and horse instead of trucks, to slow things down. However, it doesn't matter since Kevin has made lots more friends all over the world today. Ape's together strong

My brain hurts from each of these words. But I have to understand one more thing, before I feast on more paint chips; Who is owed the interest on the shorts? Who gets all this money that's really pricey for Melvin? The ape hive mind has persuaded me that Melvin is paying millions or billions on interest. Where does all this go? But well it's just money I'll work more selfemployed and Buy Nook Miles Ticket make it back I've cash stashed and cash owed outside to me. My bills are paid for a Month or two but none of that pales compared to this????????? I'll loose money if that means billionaires are doing the same.

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