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Default JDM_GsR_515

Seen Adam didn't have a vouch thread yet, figured Id set it up. So or

Ive known Adam for quite some time now, very professional with everyhting he does. Would recommend anyone to him. Just bought a stock shifter of him for the deal.


my 88 BSM ef9 build thread http://www.jdmcity.com/showthread.php?t=9411

Originally Posted by alexbuck205 View Post
.. wanna have a beat off?
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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Good guy Sells his parts at a very reasonable price

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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Good guy. And thanks for the muffler!!

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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Great guy


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Originally Posted by Cyberwaste View Post
you will never become the pokemon master with that attitude
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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Originally Posted by Alavelle12 View Post
Great guy

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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Thanks for all the comments guys! Now tell your friends to buy more of my shit


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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

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Default Re: JDM_GsR_515

Great guy, awesome seller.


"It's a pretty simple concept really...suck ,squeeze,bang,blow ... Repeat as necessary."
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