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Default WTB Honda Prelude Seats!!!!!!

Hey if anyone is selling prelude seats let me know. or if you know anyone that is selling them let me know..

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Default Re: WTB Honda Prelude!!! 1992-1996

Let me welcome you with the one word.NOOB!

You will have a few people after me telling you why.

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Default Re: WTB Honda Prelude!!! 1992-1996

this is in the wrong section, have you tried your local CL?

honestly you dont really need to read rules unless youve never been on any car forum in existence they are all relatively the same setup... post in the right section.. not to mention you didnt even post a price range.


EDIT: dont take my word on not reading the rules.. mods will be in here in a min and tell u to read the rules.. but ive been on many forums and the rules are all the same.


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