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Default 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

hey guys i just picked up a 98 240sx with an sr20det turbo, i drove the car home from iowa and it was perfect, shifted smooth, but now that im back home to st paul minnesota, i was driving it around yesterday and the car seemed to love to over heat.. the coolent would bubble and flood into the overflow but it would keep happening even after i would stop and let it cool down for awhile, i really need some help please

thanks, mike.

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Default Re: 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

Bleed it out to see if that helps. After that I would do a leak down test..

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Dj Technick
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Default Re: 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

Check that your coolant is full, check that your fan is coming on if its converted to electric fans, if those check out fine take a look at your oil to see what it looks like. If it looks like chocolate milk then its a bad headgasket.


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Default Re: 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

coolant system needs bled


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Default Re: 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

Hey what radiator did they use on the swap? if its the ka one its gonna over heat alot. Check to see if the fans are wired backwards this can happen easily. is it straight water in the system or is it mixed? also the thermostat could be stuck open causing the coolant to not have enough time to get cool

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Default Re: 1998 240sx sr20det turbo

Check the pressure in the radiator hoses to make sure your thermostat is opening let it heat up then check them. Is there white smoke coming out of the exhaust? Because that normally means blown HGH. Depending on temp outside my KA will sit or 30-45min before it goes over 180 degrees.

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