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Default integra starter issue?

so if i leave my car to sit over night or about 4-5 hours then try to start it, i turn the key and it just buzzes.. and does it for about a minute then turns over slow as hell and starts. i thought it might of been starter but it doesnt happen all the time.. any thoughts?

1998 ls integra

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Default Re: integra starter issue?

Could be an.old battery issue. Either that or loose connection. My old civic with a b16a swap did the same thing. Sometimes starts and sometimes just clicks. I bought a newer starter and went to change it. Came to find out i had a loose connection on the starter and it fired right up. My fault for not checking first.

Have you tried popping the clutch to start it?

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Default Re: integra starter issue?

Old battery, ,Starter , Alternator, or Dizzy. I've had this issue with my civic before. and I've done all I listed and now it works fine.

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Default Re: integra starter issue?

Connections and your battery are the first things to look at. It's really cold lately which will kill a cheap battery easily. Easiest thing to do is grab a volt meter check your battery level immediately after turning the car off. Then the next morning when you're getting ready to leave quick pop the hood and check to see if the battery is holding it's charge well or not. I just had to replace one on my GF car yesterday.


Damn that's a good lookin' pixel car ;)
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